Create modern workplaces for remote and hybrid teams!


People really want to feel connected at work.

Having a sense of community is key to building a workplace where employees from all over can feel like they belong, enjoy what they're doing, and stay motivated.

We team up with companies that have a mix of office and remote setups to make sure everyone feels connected and like they're part of something special, no matter where they're logging in from!

Who We Are

Welcome to our people + culture development firm! We believe that every company has the potential to be a great place to work β€” our clients are companies with growing remote and hybrid teams that want to establish or elevate their culture and connect their team.

Our mission is to help you achieve your full potential by fostering a culture of community among your team!

What's in the name 😏

Thirteen | The number 13 represents new beginnings, passion & self-expression.

Thrive | To grow, develop and flourish.

Struggling to keep your hybrid or remote team connected?

You're not alone. Many companies face the challenge of maintaining cohesion and collaboration across diverse locations, putting team morale and productivity at risk.

Here's how we can help:

🌐 We bridge the distance with our proven strategies. We break down barriers between remote and office-based team members, fostering seamless communication and collaboration.

πŸ˜“ We help you combat isolation. Remote work can sometimes feel isolating, and our tailored approaches create a sense of belonging and community, ensuring every team member feels valued and supported.

⚑ We boost engagement because we know keeping remote teams engaged can be tough. Our innovative techniques spark motivation and enthusiasm, driving wellness, self-motivation, productivity and success.

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"Aura has helped translate the firm’s values into a holistic and thoughtful system. Her work has helped set up not only methodical processes that have guided existing and new staff members but also established long-term goals that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Aura has taken the time to work closely with each team member and has helped them navigate management strategies. Her support and ideas have amplified the company’s message, mission, and values. We are truly excited to be working with her!"

Paola M. | CEO & FOUNDER

"Aura is welcoming and thoughtful and is quickly able to establish a level of trust amongst the team. She understands the unique challenges that managers and leaders face in their day to day work and offers coaching and concrete steps for consideration when working through any issues that may arise. I can recommend Aura with confidence knowing that she will be a positive, while staying true to her own values in all the work that she does."

Marianne L. | DIRECTOR HR

Work With Us

HR Infrastructure Setup for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Navigating the complexities of HR in a remote or hybrid setting can be daunting. Let us streamline the process for you. Our HR Infrastructure Setup service ensures your organization has the necessary systems, policies, and procedures in place to support remote and hybrid teams effectively. From remote onboarding protocols to performance management strategies tailored for virtual collaboration, we'll set you up for success every step of the way.

Cultivating Connection and Engagement

In a remote or hybrid work environment, fostering connection and engagement among team members is paramount. Our Cultivating Connection and Engagement service is designed to bridge the distance and create a sense of belonging across virtual landscapes. Through interactive workshops, team-building activities, and communication strategies, we empower your team to forge meaningful connections, collaborate effectively, and thrive in a dispersed work setting.

Wellness and Work-Life Integration Support

Balancing work and life can be challenging, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment where boundaries can blur. Our Wellness and Work-Life Integration Support service prioritizes the well-being of your remote and hybrid teams. From mental health resources and mindfulness practices to strategies for maintaining work-life balance, we provide the tools and support your team needs to prioritize self-care, stay resilient, and perform at their best, both professionally and personally.

Meet Our Founder

Hey there πŸ‘‹ I'm Aura Telman, Founder of Thirteen Thrive.

Imagine this: A young immigrant from Romania arrives in Canada at the age of thirteen, equipped with nothing but ambition and a desire for adventure. That's me! Those formative years taught me invaluable lessons about the importance of community, inclusion, and finding your place in the world.

Fast forward a bit, and here I am, in the land of HR, with over a decade of experience shaking things up in the corporate world. I'm also a certified mindfulness practitioner and advocate for mental health, adding a unique dimension to my approach. My goal? To not only enhance individual experiences but also revolutionize your company culture from the ground up.

My work has been recognized by industry leaders and featured in prominent publications like Nasdaq, Thrive Global, and Brit + Co. So, if you're ready to elevate your company to new heights, let's connect!

Our commitments to you.

We commit to showing up authentically and building trust throughout our working relationship.

We commit to fully supporting you the way you need to be supported β€” there are no assumptions in this space about what you need.

We commit to listening deeply, hearing, acknowledging and upholding your lived experiences.

We commit to rooting all our work together in empathy, curiosity, compassion and openness.

"Aura is very authentic and insightful when she provides coaching and support to leaders, after working with Aura, I was clear on where I needed to direct my focus. She helped me envision a pathway forward that was aligned with my goals and values. I would recommend Thirteen Thrive to anyone who wants to lead and manage in a less prescriptive and more authentic way."

Michelle P. | FOUNDER

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