Elevating workplaces, connecting people to purpose.

We specialize in creating meaningful people experiences at work, through a community-focused approach. We believe a strong sense of community is essential to creating workplaces where everyone thrives.


Today's top talent wants to feel connected at work.

As you create a work environment that fosters growth, relationships and impact, a community approach will make the difference.

We work with companies to build a culture of connection and belonging, where everyone feels valued, supported, and engaged.

Our approach is rooted in the idea that when people feel connected to their team, leadership, and the organization, they are more likely to be creative, self-motivated, and committed to their work.

Who We Are

Welcome to our people + culture development firm! We believe that every organization has the potential to be a great place to work — our clients are start-up and small companies with growing teams that want to establish or elevate their organizational culture.

Our mission is to help you achieve your full potential by fostering a culture of community and connection. Engaged and fulfilled employees are more creative, innovative, and invested in their success and yours.

Thirteen | The number 13 represents new beginnings, passion & self-expression.

Thrive | To grow, develop and flourish.

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Unlock your people’s potential through connection.

You recognize there’s a need for a different approach to employee engagement and people development — both within your organization and across your industry as a whole.

You’re altruistic, with a tendency to leave things better than you found them. The people who work with you are no exception, and if you could set an example for all the best workplaces — even better.

You know that with more impact, comes more responsibility. You’ve built something special; you want to see it thrive — and each person on your team, along with it — and you know that having connected and fulfilled people will make it happen.

Meeting major milestones and embracing a whole-human approach to success are both important to you — you want your team to feel like they’re a part of something with real impact, and maintain a connection to themselves, others and their work.

Our community-based approach prioritizes the needs and perspectives of employees and seeks to create a sense of ownership and collaboration in the workplace. The organization becomes a community where employees are active participants in shaping culture and driving positive change.


"Aura has helped translate the firm’s values into a holistic and thoughtful system. Her work has helped set up not only methodical processes that have guided existing and new staff members but also established long-term goals that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Aura has taken the time to work closely with each team member and has helped them navigate management strategies. Her support and ideas have amplified the company’s message, mission, and values. We are truly excited to be working with her!"

Paola M. | CEO & FOUNDER

People are the soul of every organization.

Balancing humanity + accountability

Someone’s experience at work is not mutually exclusive of achieving organizational goals (they’re actually related). You succeed together.

Inspired impression

Today’s top talent wants to be impactful at work. Perks alone won’t help you stand out from the competition. A connected and meaningful employee experience and culture — will.

Expression of self

When people feel like they can come to work as their true selves, be seen, heard and valued for who they are and their work — that's when true community is created.

Evolving leaders

We coach your key leaders, and equip them with the tool and strategies they need to grow healthy teams, communicate openly, build trust, and manage performance.

"Aura is welcoming and thoughtful and is quickly able to establish a level of trust amongst the team. She understands the unique challenges that managers and leaders face in their day to day work and offers coaching and concrete steps for consideration when working through any issues that may arise. I can recommend Aura with confidence knowing that she will be a positive, while staying true to her own values in all the work that she does."

Marianne L. | DIRECTOR HR

Work With Us


Transform your workplace with our Culture + Employee Experience Design Services. We specialize in crafting a positive and inclusive organizational culture that aligns with your values and enhances the overall employee experience. Through tailored strategies, we create an environment where employees feel motivated, engaged, and valued, fostering a workplace culture that drives success.


Prioritize the well-being of your team with our Wellness + Mindfulness Services. We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance and offer comprehensive wellness programs that promote mental and social well-being. Our mindfulness initiatives help employees manage stress, improve focus, and create a harmonious workplace where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.


Unlock the power of data with our People Data Analytics Services. We leverage advanced analytics to provide valuable insights into your workforce, helping you make informed decisions. From talent acquisition to performance management, our analytics solutions enable you to optimize HR processes, identify trends, and cultivate a data-driven approach for strategic workforce planning, ultimately driving organizational growth and efficiency.

Meet Our Founder

Hey there 👋 I'm Aura Telman, Founder of Thirteen Thrive.

As an immigrant from Romania at the age of thirteen, I learned about belonging, inclusion, shared values and shared identity on a deep personal level. I carry my own experiences of building a community in Canada, into my work.

With a Bachelor of Business, a specialization in Human Resources, a 10+ year career in HR and business management, and certifications in mindfulness practices and mental health aid, I'm not only able to impact individual experience, but also offer insights, recommendations and organizational strategies that change the way your company works, from the inside out.

Featured in Nasdaq, Thrive Global, Brit + Co, Create & Cultivate, Authority Magazine and DisruptHR.

Our commitments to you.

We commit to showing up authentically and building trust throughout our working relationship.

We commit to fully supporting you the way you need to be supported — there are no assumptions in this space about what you need.

We commit to listening deeply, hearing, acknowledging and upholding your lived experiences.

We commit to rooting all our work together in empathy, curiosity, compassion and openness.

"Aura is very authentic and insightful when she provides coaching and support to leaders, after working with Aura, I was clear on where I needed to direct my focus. She helped me envision a pathway forward that was aligned with my goals and values. I would recommend Thirteen Thrive to anyone who wants to lead and manage in a less prescriptive and more authentic way."

Michelle P. | FOUNDER

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