the joy of work

Your organization is only as successful as each individual employee. Thirteen Thrive offers work-place integrated mindfulness to transform organizations into thriving communities.


Today's top talent wants to be impactful at work.

As you drive large-scale organizational change, equipping your team with mindfulness at work will make a difference.

You recognize that the world of work is changing, and your employee experience is due for a change too. You're ready for a different approach that better meets your employees' needs. As your organization has grown, you see a need for people strategies to help you manage your talent, keep employees engaged, develop your leaders’ people skills, and recruit and retain top talent.

who we are

We’re a people + culture development firm that creates community at work and elevates leaders to self-empower so they can be more present and lead people with clarity. We infuse mindfulness into your organizational culture and people strategies to create healthy workplaces where people thrive as their authentic selves.

Thirteen | Represents new beginnings, passion & self-expression. This is the transformational work we do with our clients, we help them find clarity and empower themselves through self-awareness and expression.

Thrive | To grow, develop and flourish. The mindfulness principles we help you incorporate into everyday work life help you become more self-aware and flourish.

Design an experience so good they won't want to leave.

You recognize there’s a need for a different approach to employee engagement and people development — both within your organization and across your industry as a whole.

You’re altruistic, with a tendency to leave things better than you found them. The people who work with you are no exception, and if you could set an example for all the best workplaces — even better.

You know that with more impact, comes more responsibility. You’ve built something special, you want to see it thrive — and each individual along with it — and you know that having connected and fulfilled people will make it happen.

A community-based approach to growth.

Meeting major milestones and embracing a whole-human approach to people development are both important to you — you want your team to feel like they’re a part of something with real impact, and maintain a connection to themselves, the team and their work.

"Aura has helped translate the firm’s values into a holistic and thoughtful system. Her work has helped set up not only methodical processes that have guided existing and new staff members but also established long-term goals that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Aura has taken the time to work closely with each team member and has helped them navigate management strategies. Her support and ideas have amplified the company’s message, mission, and values. We are truly excited to be working with her!"

Paola M. | CEO & FOUNDER

A great vision needs great people.

Balancing humanity + accountability

Someone’s experience at work is not mutually exclusive of achieving organizational goals (they’re actually related). You can grow together.

Inspired impression

Today’s top talent wants to be impactful at work. Perks alone won’t help you stand out from the competition. A healthy and meaningful employee experience and culture — will.

Mindfulness isn't just meditation

Awareness, curiosity, openness: these three mindfulness principles create an environment where people feel like they can be themselves.

Evolving leaders

We coach your key leaders, and equip them to self-motivate, communicate and build great relationships with their team.

"Aura is welcoming and thoughtful and is quickly able to establish a level of trust amongst the team. She understands the unique challenges that managers and leaders face in their day to day work and offers coaching and concrete steps for consideration when working through any issues that may arise. I can recommend Aura with confidence knowing that she will be a positive, while staying true to her own values in all the work that she does."

Marianne L. | DIRECTOR HR

work with us


Employee Experience + Culture Design


  • You’ve noticed a shift in mood, people are not participating as much, they’re not as connected during team meetings and their motivation had decreased.
  • People are leaving at a higher rate than before and you’re not sure why.
  • Your management team is ready to evolve into powerful leaders who drive big change in the organization, but you don’t have the time to mentor them + they need the right tools.
  • You want to embrace inclusivity and create a healthy workplace culture where people are self-aware, self-motivated and invested in growing alongside the company.


A 4-phased approach to elevating your employee experience, employee engagement design, and shifting organizational culture through workplace-integrated mindfulness.

Discover ◡ Design ◠ Deploy ◡ Debrief

You’ll walk away with a complete report on your current employee experience, an implementation plan for integrating mindfulness into your workplace, and equipping your people & leaders with the tools for emotional regulation, stress management, self-awareness, self-motivation, and effective communication.


Connect to Clarity: A 4-week wellness experience for the workplace


  • You want employees to be mentally and physically healthy and you know it’s important, you want to go beyond traditional benefits plans and wellness perks, you want to support people in a more meaningful way.
  • You’re noticing signs of burnout and fatigue in your organization, and you don’t have the tools to address it.
  • You want a done-with-you program, that every employee can participate in, from anywhere in the world, a program that builds connection, creates healthy habits and encourages long term individual change.
  • You care about productivity, results, and goals but are not willing to sacrifice employee wellness for these, instead you want to have both. Healthy employees & healthy company growth.


Through this program, your team will experience building their mindfulness muscles every day for a month, enabling them with awareness, curiosity, and openness: three mindfulness principles that create an environment where employees feel like they can be themselves.

For one month, employees will receive 10 minute daily practices including powerful and easily digestible content to inspire participation, action and results. A workshop tailored to your organization will also be available for all employees and leaders.

The outcomes for employees include:

  • Improved mental and social wellness.
  • Cultivate presence and gratitude at work.
  • Increased emotional resilience: being able to both enhance and manage emotions.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress.
  • Improved cognitive abilities: including being able to focus your attention for a period of time (sustained attention), being able to shift your thoughts and attention in spite of the distractions (cognitive flexibility), as well as suppressing other thoughts that interfere with your focus (cognitive inhibition).

meet our founder

Aura believes we're all worthy of a life filled with joy - she created Thirteen Thrive with a mission to bring more joy into the workplace.

A leadership and people strategist, her work is rooted in mindfulness and community. As an immigrant to Canada at the age of 13, Aura learned about belonging, inclusion, values and openness on a deep personal level.

She carries her own experiences of building community in new environments into her work.

With a BBA in Business Management and specialization in HR Management, a 10+ year career in HR, and a certification in mindfulness studies and practices, our Founder, is not only able to impact individual experience, but also construct standard processes and organizational strategies that change the way your company works, from the inside out.

Our commitments to you.

We commit to showing up authentically and continue building trust throughout our working relationship.

We commit to fully supporting you the way you need to be supported there are no assumptions in this space about what you need.

We commit to listening deeply, hearing, acknowledging and upholding your lived experiences.

We commit to rooting all our work together in the mindfulness principles of awareness, curiosity, compassion and openness.

"Aura is very authentic and insightful when she provides coaching and support to leaders, after working with Aura, I was clear on where I needed to direct my focus. She helped me envision a pathway forward that was aligned with my goals and values. I would recommend Thirteen Thrive to anyone who wants to lead and manage in a less prescriptive and more authentic way."

Michelle P. | FOUNDER


Mindfulness as the term we know today originated from the Pāli language of ancient India, derived from the word sati (and its Sanskrit counterpart smṛti), used by the Buddha in his teachings over 2600 years ago. The meaning of the word sati translated in today's English is "awareness" or "memory" - commonly referred to as present moment awareness. It's important to acknowledge modern Western practitioners and teachers of mindfulness learned about mindfulness practices and principles from the sacred Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Aura Telman, Founder

Let's design a meaningful employee experience together.